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Solar Energy Company in Allen, TX

Are you looking for solar company installers in Allen? Trust the solar experts of Texas I. E. 

Solar energy is a concept that is new to many. If you consider converting to solar energy in Allen, you may have many questions and not know where to start. There are many things to consider with solar energy and making the choice to switch from the traditional “rent your electricity” to owning your electricity. We want to make sure Allen homeowners understand the benefits of transitioning to solar energy. Solar Energy is not new, there have been many forms circulating since the 7th century B.C. With a combined 21 years of experience, we make sure that your solar system is tailored to your specific needs and gives you an extra buffer just in case you need it. We send you the best solar energy services in Allen. We commit ourselves to offering your outstanding results at affordable costs. Give us a call today to experience it. 

Why choose Solar Energy?

  • It gives government incentives. 
  • The Federal Government is paying for 26% of all qualified solar installations

 Who doesn’t want to take back their taxes and use them to pay for their energy? Transitioning to a solar energy system gives you the chance to have government incentives. Because switching to greener energy is so significant to the future, many homeowners are switching to solar energy because it puts them in control of their energy. Residential solar systems are eligible for tax credit incentives. Texas IE has multiple options to allow you to choose from and guarantees you will receive the tax credit incentives.

You help the environment

 Switching to solar energy helps to remove your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions you give off over your life. You will no longer burn fossil fuels to receive your energy. Instead, your own personal power plant will be attached to your property. And you will be doing your part to save the planet with one small step. The best part is you will be saving money in the process

The only way to have a true zero emissions car is to have the energy source come from renewables. If your electric car gets power from the electric grid only then fossil fuels are still being burned for that car to run. Go green, go solar.

  • It helps you save money.
  • You will save money.

 The amount you spend on energy for your home depends on the utility provider. By transitioning to a solar energy system, you will not only see changes in your monthly bill, but you will also save cash in the long run. Homeowners are saving thousands of dollars by switching to solar. The higher your bill the more you can save by switching to solar and incorporating other home energy efficient products. Let us help you find where you’re losing money and fix the problem.

It adds value to your home. 

Whether you plan to live in your home for many years to come or soon decide to move, you can never go wrong with a solar energy system. Having this kind of renewable energy will add value to your home and attract potential buyers in the future. There will be no negatives! 

How do solar panels work?

Sunlight beams down on panels. This sunlight is converted by the panels into DC power. The DC power flows down a wire to an inverter. This inverter then inverts the DC power to AC power. That AC power then is able to be used by the home. Any excess energy flows back out onto the grid and puts credit on your home’s energy meter. You will literally see the meter running backward. This credit builds up and will be drawn from when the sun goes down.

 What is the maintenance for a solar system?

Virtually nothing. Most solar systems in the state of Texas do not need any maintenance at all. If the panels become dirty or dusty and there is no rain in the forecast just spray them off with a garden hose. You will have access to 24/7 monitoring of your system. You will see what your system produces each hour, day, month, year, and lifetime.

We are working to offer cleaning of solar panels in the future just to give satisfaction that the solar system we install will give optimum production over it’s full lifetime.

How long does a solar energy system take to install?

The actual installation on a homeowners property for most solar systems is between 4 and 8 hours. But each solar system needs to be engineered and within city limits needs to be permitted. We take the utmost care and perform our due diligence to ensure each and every system is built to specification and will endure all the elements Texas weather and climate can throw at it.

 Every home must qualify and every solar system must pass inspection. We make absolute sure before we step foot onto your property to install that we have taken all precautions and designed and planned a solar system that will produce as much energy as your home needs.

 Transitioning to solar energy not just an environmental decision. It is also a financially wise one. When you go solar on your property you are putting a final price-tag on the cost of some or ALL of your energy.

 We have multiple options for transitioning to solar energy and will provide you with those options. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to going solar with Texas IE. We offer lease and loan options to make switching as easy as possible.

After you schedule an appointment, a Texas I. E. team will meet with you to comprehensively inspect your home and explain the installation process. You will learn how shifting to a solar energy system will influence your home. You will understand the factors that will create an impact on your newly installed solar energy. 

Let us explain to you why Texas I. E. Air Conditioning is reputable for having the expertise, knowledge, and experience in the solar energy industry. We care for the future of your home and the future of your finances. Let us help you through the entire process and share the benefits of your very own solar energy system. Save money. Save the planet. Go SOLAR with Texas IE. Give us a call now! 

We send you the best solar energy services in Allen. We commit ourselves to offer your outstanding results at affordable costs. Give us a call today to experience it.