Radiant Barrier Allows Your Allen Heating and Cooling Function More Efficiently

Commonly, your Allen home requires money to run. Yet, it should not cost too much. Adding a piece of simple equipment to your house will make a big difference and lower your utility bills. To get your home more energy-efficient, comfy, and save cash on your energy costs, contact us today about Radiant Barrier. 

The Radiant Barrier is a highly reflective material used to the underside of your roof, created to lower the radiant heat that comes in your attic through the roof. Then, it transfers into your house. The Radiant Barrier keeps ductwork colder. When your ductwork turns hot, your systems will work harder to send cooler air. 

The Radiant Barrier bounces 82% to 97% of heat, so it never enters your attic. Attic ventilation with a Radiant Barrier lowers the temperature in your attic by as much as 20º-30º.

During summer, you hate getting in your car since it is hot. It accumulates from solar energy at an enormous rate. The similar radiant energy from the sun can heat your attic, just like the air in your car space. As the temp in your attic goes up to 120, 130, 140 degrees, or even higher, the heat in your home shoots up significantly. It pushes your air conditioning system to work more. Your energy use increases and you spend too much money. 

Radiant Barrier is most efficient and effective in decreasing your cooling bills in the summer. But, in some cases, the product can help lower your heating costs, too. Appropriate care is necessary when installing a Radiant Barrier to assure the installation of at least one reflective side of the product next to an air space that will be no dust over time. 

What is a Radiant Barrier? 

It is a metallic foil product created to prevent radiant heat entering across open areas. One side of the radiant Barrier needs to be dust-free and clean and must face an open-air place for the material to give an optimum benefit. Radiant Barriers simply reduce cooling loads in the summer or during hot climates. 

What are the advantages of putting up a Radiant Barrier in your Allen home?

Radiant barriers are known to be reflective insulations in some groups due to their resemblance to traditional insulation. Radiant barriers efficiency slow the transmission of heat. These are the following benefits of radiant barriers: 

  • Radiant Barrier flashes 82% to 97% of the radiant energy, so it never gets into your attic.
  • Radiant Barrier and attic ventilation lessen your attic temperatures by as much as 20º-30º
  • It helps you reduce your cooling expenses by as much as 15%.
  • Essential stuff kept in your attic is less likely to get damaged and soiled by high temp with an installed radiant barrier. 
  • A radiant barrier can increase the performance of attic ductwork.

Will your home gain from installing a radiant barrier? The answer is yes! We suggest installing a radiant barrier if your house has one or more of the following situations:

  • There is no shading or little shading from trees. 
  • Has asphalt shingle roofing (which absorbs heat energy from the sun)
  • has a strange and stuffy second-story 
  • there are air ducts in the attic

Proper Installation of Allen Radiant Heat Barriers

Radiant barriers are vital since they reflect heat from entering your attic. In addition, proper installation of radiant barriers is crucial in your Allen homes. Nobody wants to spend much money on improper installation, yet, it does not function well. To prevent this from happening, go with the Allen radiant barriers professionals. At Texas I. E. air Conditioning, we make sure to install radiant barriers to protect your home from the heat of the sun. For older homes, it is better to attach radiant barriers to the bottom of the faces of the roof trusses. Radiant Barriers should face an open air space for this is only the way to make the Barrier work effectively and efficiently. 

Whatever needs you may have, we can transform your home into a more energy-efficient home. Call us now! 

You will save a lot of money- plus, you are going to save hundreds of cash on your heating and cooling bills. Call us today to get the best and most affordable pricing. Along with our technicians, we ensure that you get the services you deserve in no time. They have certifications and training in this field. To schedule your radiant barrier installation and other services, give us a call now.