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Windows Installation and Renovation in Allen, Texas

We Refuse to be beat on Price or Quality 

When it comes to new window installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance, and other services, you should only rely on the professionals in Allen. Whenever we perform a project, we always live by our principles and beliefs of providing honest, professional, and transparent service. We are committed to giving excellent value for the money of our clients. Therefore, When you need window services in Allen, TX you can depend on us to send you quality results at affordable costs. 

As a full-service window company, we make window installation and repair services as stress-free as possible. When you call us, our fees already include the following: Consultation, assessment, advice, procedure, and ratification. We always assist our customers by personalizing the approach, no matter the size of the project. Perhaps, you need to repair one drafty window. On the other hand, you may want to get new windows installed in your whole house. Well, in that case, you can be sure that we consider your request with respect and professionalism. 

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What are the Types of Window Installations Services? 

We know that many homeowners look for ways to reduce their daily expenses. As a thrifty homeowner you may ask yourself. Can I install windows myself? Well, before you answer yourself with yes, you must learn that you are facing a vital safety feature in your house. If your windows are not properly installed, they may lead to severe accidents. In addition, they can be weak spots for break-ins. 

To ensure windows meet the standards of quality and safety you must follow a set of procedures. You need to understand that there are various types of window installation: 

Full-Frame Windows

When you look from the outside of your house, you will not differentiate between a replacement window and a full-frame window. Yet, their installation requirements and characteristics are not similar. Full-frame windows include nailing fins. It is the main difference you will see between a window replacement and a newly constructed one. During the process, you may not notice the nailing fins. But, they are vital in creating airtight and waterproof windows. 

Insert Replacement Windows

These types of windows usually come in flush-fin and block-fit styles. Flush-in windows have different forms, such as flange, stucco fin, retrofit, and retrofit fin. With your chosen design, we install the window on top of the current perimeter frame. The primary purpose of flush-fin is to guarantee a smooth and seamless application with the new mainframe of the new window. If there is no water or structural damage to the opening, it could be the best installation option. 

Now, if your house currently has wood windows, the perfect option would be a block-fit design. Commonly, this has a double-hung or casement design. It does not have any fins. Instead, we place the window into the present pocket of the frame. We leave the original window frame in place. Thus, the window frame must be in good shape for this kind of window installation project. 

Texas I. E. Air Conditioning, Your Window Repair Experts in Allen, TX

Perhaps, there are windows in your home that are broken or damaged. Yet, you are not ready to change all the windows on your property. In this situation, you might wonder. Can the windows at home get fixed? You will be happy to know that our window specialists have the experience, skills, and equipment to answer even the hardest window problems. 

We repair the following: 

  • Drafty Windows – This problem can make it hard to achieve a constant and comfy temperature in your house. It can add unnecessary struggle to your cooling and heating unit. 
  • Cracking or Rotting Wood – If you own wooden windows, they can expand and contract under weather changes. You can have window replacement or choose window frames that are resistant to rotting. 
  • Condensation – While glass panes provide good insulation to houses, there are rare circumstances that they crash. With broken weather sealing, moisture can penetrate between the window panes. Of course, this can increase energy usage and make the temp harder to manage. 

Why Choose Texas I. E. Air Conditioning For Allen Windows and Renovation Needs?

When you first notice the warning signs to your windows, do not wait and call our team. As a full-service window installation and repair company, we manage any request you may have for your windows. If you try to save hundreds of dollars, you might wonder how much the cost is. You might ask, how much does it cost to install a new window? Or, how much is the window replacement? Of course, the answer depends on the difficulty of the job. Yet, one thing that will remain constant is when you hire a window expert in Allen- you will receive quality window service at affordable costs. 

No matter how big or small your window problem is, we are beside you to offer you the best window installations in Allen, TX Call our team now!