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Whether it is the most scorching summer day or the most chill winter night, no one wants to experience that inside their home. It is why insulation for homes exists. A pleasant home all year is what every homeowner wants. The insulation in your attic and home is essential. If you need an insulation company in Allen, look no further than Texas I. E. Air Conditioning. Call us soon to get started.  

If you are a homeowner or a business owner within Allen, the insulation provided by our company has the solution to all your insulation issues and needs. Not only will our insulation professionals and products boost the energy efficiency of your building, but they will also lower or stop outside moisture, lessen outside noise, enhance air quality, and more benefits. 

What are the advantages of new insulation in your home?

Once the installation of your home insulation is complete, you will now enjoy its benefits. Quality home insulation enhances the indoor air quality of your home by keeping harmful pollutants out. It will immediately create a more environmentally-friendly space where heat, cold, moisture are pushed outside. If you live in Allen and surrounding cities, Texas I. E. Air Conditioning will ensure you will receive quality home insulation today. We will make sure to increase the value of your building. 

Home Insulation Assessments

We start the insulation job with a thorough insulation assessment that checks the existing insulation condition of your home and finds the areas where you need replacement, added insulation, or installed new insulation. We offer many insulation options so you can choose a delicately personalized solution for your home:

Blown-In insulation

This cost-efficient solution blows materials like cellulose, mineral wool, and fiberglass into existing parts in your home. Some benefits of blow-in insulation include:  

  • Boosted energy efficiency- You will not have to put on your air conditioner since you will not have as much air escaping. 
  • Restrict the growth of mold- It will limit the growth of mold since you will not have as much moisture and humidity coming into your home.
  • Improve air quality- You will suffer from mildew or mold. 
  • Chiller home- You will keep cool air in and remove hot air. 
  • Save you money- You may not need to operate appliances as often. 

Spray foam insulation

This type of insulation is easily sprayed into opened spaces, like the attic. This spray foam insulation is an excellent choice for efficiently sealing off airflow. Also, spray foam insulation is an environmentally-friendly spray foam that shields your home from moisture and humidity with an inert polymer that produces a barrier against vapor. Not to mention, you will not need to worry about the foam declining over time. It means you can have peace of mind and save cash all year that, otherwise, would spend toward fixing part of your home due to mold and mildew damage. 

Air sealing

Stop looking for leaks in your attic and let Texas I. E. Air Conditioning technicians do it for you. If you live in Allen, we will dispatch one of our experts to conduct a seal-the-leak- operation. Whether they are cracks or gaps that feed electrical wires left behind after construction or other cuts that are letting unconverted air in, our equipped experts will seal them to boost the energy efficiency of your property.

Home Insulation Installation

After assessing your home insulation, we can give you a holistic solution that addresses all your needs. We are experts in insulating and looking after both crawl spaces and attics. Our specialists will help you recognize the best way to keep these spaces safe, dry, and sealed with the right services and products. 

 Complete home insulation may include several solutions, like blown-in insulation for your walls, spray foam for attics, air sealing for crawl spaces and basements. We aim to provide safer and better homes for the homeowners in Allen. 

Why do you need re-insulation of your home?

  • It significantly reduces energy bills. 

Installing Foam Insulation has shown significant changes in your energy bills, which means you can save some hundreds. 

  • It makes your home a comfortable place. 

Insulating your home will reduce your energy usage and decrease carbon monoxide and other greenhouse emissions. 

  • You live more comfortably. 

Having insulation installed decreases heat exchange at home. It keeps your home comfortable since insulation maintains the level of comfort in your home all year round. 

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