Call Texas I. E. Air Conditioning for Dependable Furnace Repairs 

Even though Texas is hot for most of the year, temperatures could drop remarkably in the winter. When your furnace malfunctions, you can depend on the team of Texas I. E. Air Conditioning for quick trusted furnace repair that will not hurt your wallet. With years of experience in the heating repair industry, we prioritize 100% customer satisfaction for our Allen furnace repair. Our service areas include many cities in Texas. So whatever heating issues you may have at hand, you can rely on us for a job well done. We guarantee quality furnace repair in Allen.

Common Signs Your Furnace Requires Immediate Repair

Is your furnace releasing cool air rather than warm air? Does your furnace often cycle on and off? There are indications that your furnace unit is due for furnace repair service. More frequently than not, it is noticeable when your furnace system has ceased functioning. It either will not turn on at all or will blast cold air into your already chilly house. 

Thermostat settings. Ensure you switch your furnace on, referring to heat. Otherwise, the thermostat will not give any signal that your furnace starts to heat.
Furnace filter. A blocked filter can lead your furnace to overheat and shut down as a safeguard. It can also stop it from creating and blowing heat.
Circuit breaker. The breaker of your furnace system may have stumbled. You can see it on the electric panel of your home. You can reset it if the breaker is in the off position.
Furnace switch. Your furnace unit has a switch on or close to similar to a normal light switch. It should be in the on or up position. If the breaker was off, give your furnace system some time to start running.

If you observe any of the mentioned signs above, do not hesitate to call our furnace team of professionals in Allen. We can promptly and precisely examine the cause of the problem and give you durable and affordable solutions. We are also glad to offer a furnace maintenance program to keep your furnace system running efficiently for a long time. In addition, we offer furnace replacement services if your furnace is beyond repair.

Which Furnace Suits for You? Gas Furnace vs. Electric Furnace? 

Everyone knows that furnace systems are perfect systems for staying a home comfortable and warm in the coldest months in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. They are your best companions when the winter comes and you have no other place to go but only your home. Texas I. E Air Conditioning will tell you the factors involved in choosing a furnace for your Texas homes. 

Did you know that there are two types of furnace systems that can warm your home? 

Let us stay focused on the two essential furnace types you may want to know more: natural gas and electric furnaces. The question now is, which furnace system fits the demands of your home better? 

If you are deciding which one suits your needs and demands for your house, you give us a call for assistance. On the note that you may need our expert opinion and guided information, we have gathered some details you may want to know when choosing the right furnace in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. In addition, with the excellent feedback from our customers, we earn the reputation from Dallas and Fort Worth residents and other surrounding cities. 

Factors Involved in Furnace Selection

There are some factors you should know when you are considering a gas furnace or an electric furnace. Whether you are installing a system for the first time or changing your old one, remember the important factors listed down when you choose your new furnace system. 


Even in your imagination, installing a furnace system is not a simple task to do. But it could be more difficult and costly depending on which furnace you want to install. A gas furnace system uses fuel as its source, and it will be more expensive to install than the other one. Also, it takes more time to install a gas furnace. We do furnace installation together with our trained electrician and technicians. 

Overall Operating Costs

Electric furnaces tend to cost more than the gas furnaces. While a gas furnace uses both gas and electricity to perform its task, it is also energy-saving. A well-kept gas furnace can use fuel and electricity in the best ways to generate heat. On the other hand, electric furnaces will not be energy-efficient; it may be costlier to operate since it uses only electricity. And it uses quite a bit of electricity. This kind of furnace works best for cities in which electricity is cheap. 

Connected Risks

You may know already, but a gas furnace has a higher possible risk associated with it compared to an electric furnace since it utilizes gas. With routine maintenance, you can keep your furnace in good shape. Also, it is significant to note that an older gas furnace has a higher risk of gas leaks due to a damaged heat exchanger. With that being said, regular gas furnace maintenance is highly recommended. With many risks at hand, let our furnace experts help you. We will ensure your gas furnace is always at its best working condition.

Access to Fuel

The final thing to remember: If your home does not have a gas line, it will cost you an arm and a leg to run a gas furnace. However, if you already have it, you can contact a professional technician to do the job for you. Our HVAC technicians will ensure to install an efficient gas furnace that is perfect for the needs of your home. 

Is The Heating System In Your House Ready For The Winter?

It is the same way with your air conditioning system where you check it before the summer begins. Inspecting your heating system before the winter starts is an excellent idea. Moreso, having your furnace checked will give you information on how to take care of your furnace system. At the same time, it will give your lower cost in maintenance and monthly heating bills. Of course, the last thing you want to do is to have a heater break down when the temperature outside is going low. Nobody wants it to happen in the middle of winter. Let us give you comfortable and warm days in the winter season. Let Texas I. E team handle your air and heating needs. It is ideal to take the proper measures when you call our team. We perform a complete HVAC service and through inspection that you need for your furnace system.  

Plan For Winter By Tuning Up Your Heating System

If your heater is more than ten years or less than that, hiring an expert HVAC technician makes sure that your HVAC is working at its top performance. Ideally, you may have your heating system checked yearly. By doing it, you are taking steps to prevent being required to call a furnace repair technician during the winter season for any needed repairs or other services, such as electric heating repair, natural gas inspection, and air conditioning repair. 

When contacting an HVAC technician to perform a home heating check, always make sure to ask what the service entails. More comprehensive inspections are likely to be added, like inspecting the vents for blocks and leaks. This check is very crucial since leaking and blocked home vents add to higher heating bills and heat loss. 

It is worth remarking that home heating systems are complicated, and all components have to run in combination to improve performance and efficiency. 

A thorough inspection of your heating system is enough to pinpoint the problems while they are still tiny, so they do not turn into much bigger repair problems sooner or later. Or lead to significant failure during a cold night that needs an emergency heating repair call. Let our air and heating experts provide you accurate information and solutions for your AC and furnace problems.

Texas I. E. Air Conditioning, Giving Allen with Trusted Furnace Repairs 

When your furnace system ceases functioning, we understand that you want it to get fixed quickly, and you want it to get mended right away. It is why our expert furnace repair technicians are skillful and trained to handle any furnace repairs you need with efficiency and care. We ensure our Allen furnace repair experts arrive at your home ready for anything, with the correct equipment and parts they need to get your furnace not running and efficient as soon as possible. 

The following are the most common furnace issues we fix: 

  • Dirty and clogged filters
  • Pilot light and ignition issues
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • No heat or not enough warm at home
  • Loud furnace systems
  • Cycles that off and on

Choose Texas I. E. Air Conditioning for furnace repair and receive these benefits:

  • Completely stocked assistance vehicles. Our stocked vehicle has the parts and equipment to solve most furnace issues on the spot without going to supply stores. It gives your home heating comfort instantly.
  • Friendly and secured service technicians. Our furnace repair technicians undergo meticulous employment background checking and screening. Our hiring committee practices strict rules since we aim to send quality repair services. We want you to feel safe with our technician in your home.
  • Insured and Bonded. Our furnace repair technicians are fully insured and bonded for extra protection and peace of mind. They have added protection under worker’s compensation so when an accident happens during a job, they know they are protected.
  • Loyalty, Dependable, and Uprightness. Our furnace repair technicians are skillful and trained to be your technology advocate. You can rely on our technician to:
    give you honest pricing and repair suggestions
  • look at your budget and needs provide you straightforward repair answers with definite explanations
  • Provide you reasonable options 

Expert Service from Skilled Technicians of Texas I. E. Air Conditioning

If your furnace unit still will not turn on, Texas I. E. Air Conditioning professionals can help you detect the issues. Our professionals have comprehensive training and testing to earn heating standard certification. It all signifies they can handle any furnace repair. 

Texas I. E. Air Conditioning specialists know to get the repairs done right after locating the issue. And you can have peace of mind knowing we handle your furnace repair with care and efficiency. 

If you are not on the annual furnace maintenance program, now is the perfect time to be part of it. Many furnace systems malfunction can be stopped through yearly tune ups. Moreover, it makes your warranty unimpaired. It also helps your furnace system work more effectively. And it may even support your furnace functions longer. 

We provide furnace maintenance. Our professionals will examine, lubricate, and clean essential parts. It includes a heat exchanger that can release deadly carbon monoxide if holes and cracks go unseen. Call The Texas I. E Air Conditioning HVAC Experts In Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Licensed Texas I. E HVAC Repair Technicians Save You Time And Remove Headaches

While it might appear tempting to do your HVAC system examination yourself, this is a task that you should leave to expert and trained HVAC technicians. Because they practice and specialize in HVAC repair and service, they know how all the components work together to control the treated air in your house. Also, they have the essential equipment to locate the problem areas within your heating unit. 

Any known issues can get addressed and repaired quickly without any delay and hassle, or making other problems that put your system out of a job in an untimely manner. 

Having to call for an emergency repair and service is a hassle already. You do not want to be the next person to be serviced based on the on-call service. During bad weather conditions, this could take hours or days to get your heating system fixed and checked, which is never an excellent idea. Depending on the HVAC company you are working with, this could add additional cost for you. It will strain your wallet, too. Therefore, call only a licensed heating contractor for your furnace system. Let us be realistic that in times of HVAC emergency, they are the ones we need the most. Have their information and save them.

Contact Texas I. E Air Conditioning for your furnace needs. 

If you live in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and you have not had your HVAC system checked, it is time to contact a professional technician to do so. Texas I. E Air Conditioning has a heat team of expert technicians that are available 24/7 to attend to your emergency heating repair and service. Our heating technician understands the assignment of installing a proper furnace system in your Texas homes. Moreover, we assure that you will reduce your energy cost with the furnace that you are going to have. We only offer products that will benefit our customers. That is why we have outstanding feedback from our Dallas customers. We got you covered. So, contact us today to learn more. We are open 24/7 to answer your inquiries and for emergency repairs. And, our lines are always open to provide you with correct information about electric heating and gas furnaces. You may have many questions in your mind regarding these furnace systems. With our trained and knowledgeable staff, they will give you accurate details.  Schedule your appointment today! We are happy to serve you.

Texas I. E. Air Conditioning offers a wide range of heating and cooling services that make it simple to keep up with routine maintenance. Also, we work according to your budget and needs. We guarantee you get the furnace service you deserve without hurting your bank. Let us do the talking. Give us a call now.